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Newborn Massage Guide Mothercare

Newborn Massage Guide

Babies grasp the overall meaning of what you're saying even before they can talk effectively. It is good to smile at your baby frequently, especially when they are staring at you. Touch is an important sense for your baby, especially in the early stages. It is important in helping you and your baby in bonding. It also helps your infant in communicating his wants and needs. Parents will hold, cuddle, or stroke when a baby cries. Baby massage is a beautiful way to spend time with your newborn and can help you bond with them.

What Is Baby Massage?

Baby massage is known as the gentle, rhythmic stroking of your baby's body with your hands. You could massage your baby's ankles, wrists, and fingers as part of a massage routine.

Baby Massage Tips And Tricks

Choose a comfortable place to sit with your baby while massaging. To make your baby's skin soft and smooth, picking the best oil for infants is essential. 

Avoid massaging the nappy area if your baby has a rash, apply nappy rash cream to the infected area. You can also treat these rashes with baby oil. After giving your newborn a massage, you can clean your hands with wipes.

While massaging, you might also talk gently, hum, or sing to them to create a sense of calm and comfort for your newborn.

How To Massage Your Newborn

Here's how to massage your baby:

Massage Resting Hands

Always start the massage with a resting hand. This is an excellent way for your infant to feel safe and enjoy touch. You might also draw circles on their palms and sing round and round to make them enjoy their massage.

Gently Massage Your Newborn Legs

Before starting, ensure you have enough baby oil on your hands. Hold your baby's ankle gently with one hand. Place your other hand at the top of your baby's thigh and curve it around the leg before sliding it to the ankle. Repeat, one hand after the other, with forceful but gentle repetitive strokes.

Massage Your Baby's Head For Better Sleep And Hair Growth

Start by placing your hands on both sides of your baby's head, then move your hands down both sides of his body, from head to toe. Next, draw little circles on your baby's head using your fingertips. This can help your infant sleep better and will promote hair growth.

Massage Your Baby's Feet

Babies enjoy getting their feet massaged. Start by rubbing your baby's feet with a slow, gentle, firm touch. Stroke from the heel to the toe, then focus on each toe individually, spreading them out and gently pulling each one.

Massage The Baby's Tummy In A Circular Motion

A gentle infant tummy massage can help with digestion and tummy issues once the umbilical cord has healed. Start by making soothing, comfortable touch with your baby's tummy. Massage your baby's tummy gently. Use one or both hands to make clockwise circular strokes.

Back Massage For Babies

Turn your baby over to rub their back if they are calm and happy to be on their front. Start your massage from your baby's neck and begin to move down to their feet. Use long, slow movements from head to toe. Lift the heel of each leg and gently stretch it up towards your baby's bottom.

A baby massage usually lasts between 10 and 30 minutes. Choose a time when your infant is not hungry or full. It's best if your infant is awake but relaxed.

If your baby doesn't enjoy massage right now, don't worry. It's a new experience for both of you, and it may take some time. Start with a few minutes and gradually increase the time as your baby becomes more comfortable.

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