About us

Welcome to Mothercare

Mothercare is the leading brand in Pakistan. Mothercare has been providing top-quality baby care and general cosmetics products for more than fifty years. The brand was founded in Pakistan by M/s International Consumer Products (Private) Limited (ICP), the brand owner company of Mothercare in Pakistan. We are a proud Pakistani brand.

ICP is part of a century-old corporate group based in Pakistan with years of experience in cosmetics, baby care, personal care, consumer goods, and hygiene products, etc. ICP owns several other popular brands in Pakistan as well.

Mothercare is well known for its expertise in the manufacturing and marketing of baby and consumer products and has a remarkable reputation in the local markets as well as foreign markets.
We choose top-quality ingredients and highly balanced formulations for all products. Our products are manufactured with utmost care.

“Mothercare” is a registered trademark, copyright, and trade name of M/s International Consumer Products (Private) Limited, a duly registered company in Pakistan, with all intellectual property rights reserved in favor of the said company.