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A Beginners Guide to Nappies Mothercare

A Beginner’s Guide to Nappies

Little ones bring joy to their families as they are born along with a number of diapers that need to be changed. It is one of the basic baby care skills new parents ought to master instantly. Since you’ll be changing your baby’s diaper quite frequently, here is a simple guide that might be helpful to new parents in the long run.

Types of Nappies

There are two types of nappies:
1. Cloth nappy
2. Disposable nappy

Things You Need

As you begin to change your baby’s nappy, here is a small checklist of items you’ll need on hand.
• A clean changing mat or surface to lay your baby on
• Fresh diaper
Baby rashes powder or ointment
• Soft baby wipes or wet cotton balls or washcloth
• Disposable bag for dirty nappy
• Another set of clothes in case of blowouts
• An extra piece of cloth for sprinkling (for boys)

Make sure to purchase alcohol-free baby wipes to keep your baby’s skin soft and rash-free.

Changing a Nappy

Changing a baby’s nappy is relatively simple and easy when you have all the necessary items. The process of changing both cloth and disposable nappies is the same. However, you won’t have to fasten and dispose of the cloth diaper, rather wash it.

Step 1: Clean the Nappy Area

As you unfasten the nappy, use soft baby wipes to remove urine and stool traces from your baby's bottom. Another option is to thoroughly wash the nappy area with lukewarm water.

Step 2: Dry Your Baby’s Bottom

As you have removed all the urine and poop, pat dry your baby’s bum because moisture can increase diaper rash – if there is any. Make sure not to rub your baby’s skin while drying to avoid irritation.

Step 3: Protect the Delicate Skin

Since newborns have tender skin, protecting it with a good nappy rash barrier cream is essential. Mothercare Go Rash products are precisely designed to heal and prevent diaper rashes and keep your little one’s skin soft and smooth, because a rash-free baby is a happy baby.

Step 4: Put on New Nappy

Once you have applied a barrier ointment, it is time to put on a new nappy for your baby. Parents need to keep a keen eye on securing the diaper not too tightly.

Step 5: Dispose of Dirty Nappy

When you have changed your baby’s diaper, place the dirty diaper in a plastic bag to get rid of it and wash your hands. 

Tip: In case of winters, you can opt for a good-quality baby lotion to apply to your baby’s body to lock in the moisture.

A Multisensory Experience with Your Baby

Changing a nappy is not about replacing the soiled one with a fresh one. However, nappy changing rituals are more than just keeping your baby clean. It is more of a multisensory moment for your baby to experience the touch of different textured items like gently wiping, massaging the lotion, and sprinkling the pleasant-smelling baby powder along with the delicate touch of parents’ hands.

Such routines help babies develop a sense of reliance on their family members and caregivers. Mothercare is a leading baby care brand in Pakistan, manufacturing products from baby powder and oil for newborns to baby bath items and rash treatments that mothers trust.


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