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9 Common Mistakes Made By First-Time Parents Mothercare

9 Common Mistakes Made By First-Time Parents

Becoming parents is one of the most life-changing experiences but quite challenging at the same time. Being responsible for another life can be overwhelming, and it is common for the path to be full of doubts. Most of the time, new parents are unable to understand their infant's needs or the cause of their crying. It's acceptable to make mistakes in the beginning. No one is perfect, and you will fail multiple times along this path. There are certain areas in which most fathers and mothers frequently encounter doubts and difficulties. However, being aware of this can help you avoid certain mishaps and make the most of your time with your child.

As a new parent, you definitely have concerns about everything from feeding to washing, bathing, and changing your newborn. Here are some of the most common mistakes made by first-time parents and how to avoid them.

1. Lack of Proper Hygiene

Taking care of an infant's hygiene is very important to prevent them from getting sick. To do this, you should use hand sanitizers often to keep your baby away from germs. There are also special germ-free soaps that can help you maintain good hygiene for your child.

2. Longer Baths for Infants

Your newborn does not require a daily bath. Three times per week might be enough until your baby becomes more active. Your child's skin could grow dry and rough from over-bathing.

However, take the time to choose the best baby bath wash shampoo formulated for the sensitive skins of your infant. Because a newborn's skin is so sensitive and smooth, you should always give them a gentle bath.

3. Choose Baby Care Products Carefully

Infants have soft skin that is sensitive to rashes and discomfort. Parents should only use baby care products when bathing, oiling, or changing diapers. Make sure that any baby care product you choose is always free from harmful ingredients.

4. Giving Newborn a Pacifier

When a newborn cries, parents try different ways to calm babies in any possible way. Some new parents think giving newborns pacifiers can be a good idea. However, it isn't because it causes your infant to become confused about the distinction between pacifiers and baby nipples. Before introducing a pacifier to your newborn, wait until they are at least two months old.

5. Not Sterilizing New Milk Bottles Before Use

It's normal to believe that a newly bought product is clean if the packaging is still unopened. However, the presence of bacteria hidden within new products can be harmful to a baby's health.

If you don't sterilize a baby bottle before using it, the bacteria that has gathered inside it could make your baby sick. Sterilize all new bottles with electrical sterilizers or boiling methods. 

6. Waiting Too Long To Change A Diaper

The first few months after a baby is born, it seems like parents constantly feed a baby or change diapers. A newborn urinates and excretes a lot more than older babies. It is not a good idea to wait until it's soaked or heavy, as it may cause an uncomfortable rash for infants.

Parents may find it challenging to change a baby's diaper at events or gatherings. In this case, it might make sense to clean your infant's delicate area with baby wipes. In order to lessen odor and skin irritation, parents can clean their hands with wet wipes.

7. Leaving Stuffed Toys Next to Your Baby

If you want to make your newborns nursery feel cozy and inviting, you might consider adding some stuffed toys to the crib. But before you do, it's important to understand that these toys disturb your baby's sleep. It is safest to remove these soft toys from the crib as soon as your infant seems to be sound asleep.

8. Arguing in Front of Your Baby

Do you often fight or argue with your partner in front of your baby? Never do it. Arguing and fighting can harm the infant's brain. Their brain is highly responsive, so fighting and mistreating can slow down their brain development.

9. Not Cutting the Nails Often

Since a baby's fingernails grow more quickly than their toenails, you'll probably need to trim them more often, two or three times per week. The ideal time to cut a baby's nails is when they are feeling relaxed or just about to fall asleep.

Buying baby care products is quite a wise thing to do, be it a grooming kit or just baby nail clippers. So, always shop top quality baby care products.

These were a few common mistakes being a new parent you can avoid. Even though you can feel anxious about taking care of a newborn, you'll develop a routine in just a few short weeks.

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