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How To Safely Swaddle Your Newborn?

How To Safely Swaddle Your Newborn?

Swaddling a baby refers to wrapping them in a thin blanket or piece of cloth. Swaddling is a traditional practice to help a baby feel secure and comfortable. Swaddling recreates the womb's warm feeling and can help soothe a newborn.

This blog contains information for parents regarding swaddling a newborn safely. 

Swaddling A Newborn: Tips And Tricks

Swaddling is a process that keeps your baby calm and helps them to sleep better as long as it is done correctly. 

  • There is no particular time to swaddle a baby, but most newborns love to get wrapped after taking a bath or during the night as it promotes a longer sleep cycle.
  • To help your baby with a healthier sleeping pattern, massage your newborn with baby oil before bathing. It helps your baby to feel more relaxed when swaddled. 
  • Apply a little amount of baby powder or baby care lotion to keep your baby fresh and moisturize after giving a bath. Most of the time baby likes to take longer naps and swaddle after baths. 
  • It is not recommended to wrap a baby for more extended periods if they feel overheated or have rashes. If rashes occur, apply a proper amount of diaper rash cream to the affected area to heal the inflammation. 
  • Don't let any fabric cover your baby's mouth or face.
  • Please do not wrap the newborn legs too tightly, as it may develop issues in their hip area and lead to rashes. If you see your baby turning red, cool down the baby immediately. 
  • Always use a light swaddling sheet for babies.
  • Do not swaddle your baby if they start showing the sign of rolling over. 

Step By Step Guide: How To Safely Swaddle Your Newborn?

Here's step-by-step guidance on how to swaddle your newborn baby safely:

Step 1: Find A Flat Surface

Spread your chosen swaddling blanket on a flat surface like a floor or in the middle of your bed with one corner folded down. 

Step 2: Place Your Baby Face Up On The Swaddling Blanket

Place your newborn baby on their back, head, and face up on the swaddling blanket above the folded corner.

Step 3: Now Wrap Your Newborn Baby's Left Arm

Take the left side of the swaddling sheet and warp your baby left arm and chest. Tuck it between the right side of their body and back. This way, the wrapping sheet will cover your baby's left arm, and the right arm will be free. 

Step 4: Bring Up The Bottom And Wrap Right Hand

Fold the bottom corner of the swaddling sheet over your baby's body and tuck it beneath the first fold, under her chin. Ensure that it does not cover your baby's neck or face. Gently put your newborn baby's right arm down and pull the right side of the swaddling sheet over their body, tucking the blanket underneath their left side. 

Step 5: Secure The Swaddling Sheet

Now, slightly twist the bottom of the swaddling sheet and tuck it beneath one side of your newborn. Your newborn is now safely swaddled! If your newborn enjoys taking her arms out of the wrapping sheet, leaving both or one arm out of the swaddling sheet is fine. 

Don't be concerned if your baby dislikes swaddling; it's new to them, and your newborn will become used to it over time. As a parent, by following the guidelines mentioned above, you will now be able to properly swaddle your newborn and make their sleep cycle healthier and more enjoyable.

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